Oberlin College

November 14th, 2009

1115091136We headed east to Oberlin, to make one last stop, before taking the next couple of days to prepare for my speech at Kickoff For Kindness at the Wolstein Center. On our way into town, we stopped by Full Circle Fuel to get a few minor repairs done. They were so nice to me last time we traveled through town. While in Oberlin, I have plans to help plant some trees and other plants in an area just north of the campus. Glenn, a professor at Oberlin College, is creating a permaculture food forest for the betterment of the environment. This is his mission and passion in life. His team of students showed up ready to help. It is apparent that they have a big heart for the environment. A number of students on campus have talked to me about converting my bus to “green”.

Back at campus, a young girl named Rose, took Bogart for a long run through the park. He is getting loads of exercise on the bus tour. I should do the same. So many people in Oberlin were very interested in the Kindness Bus Tour. I now know after these few short months that there is a genuine desire for movements like One Million Acts Of Kindness. A young woman named Ari, who had been driving by, saw the bus and decided to stop and see what it was all about. I saw her standing by the bus looking very interested. She and I had a great talk about all of her passions, and how one of them is doing something like I am doing. What a great future she has planned for herself. I’m betting she is going to do great things for this world. The world needs more people like Ari. Before leaving Oberlin, I grabbed a coffee for the ride. I got back to the bus realizing that someone had anonymously left a care package for Bogart and Bob. Many thanks to the responsible party.  While driving out of town I decided to pay a quick visit to Isabel and Ben, who so kindly let me park the bus in their drive the last time I visited Oberlin. Isabel was gone but Ben was home and treated me to some “from scratch” homemade soup he made earlier in the day.

During the short amount of time and the nearly thirty campuses we have visited, I am seeing so much interest and hearing from so many people about the need for kindness in this world. As I talk to students on campus, one thing that is becoming apparent with each passing day is, your generation is going to be the greatest generation ever…you are going to have to be. I am hoping that The Kindness Bus Tour plays a part heading your generation in that direction.

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