Univ. of Tennessee to Maryville College

November 5th, 2009

When I say early, I mean early.  I arrived at the campus and my hotspot at 5:32AM and of the 5 spots available, 3 were already taken, and as I pulled in to the parking spot, one student pulled in behind me.  Wow, what timing.  Bogart and I went to get a cup of coffee and on the way back, the fellow who parked in the first spot came back to his car and left, and I immediately moved the bus to that spot.  It was great, so visible, no one could miss it.  Bogart was a real hit in his rainbow colored coat which I dubbed his “Diversity Coat.”  Every day is diversity day on the Kindness Project. 

I went to the same spot as yesterday, and because of the timing of the traffic light, I was able to speak to about 20-30 students at a time.  So many walked up to me to get stickers, I was totally impressed.  In the 4 hours I was there today, I think I spoke to about 600 students.  Sorry to say, I had to leave. I never did find out what could possibly be going on at campus at 5:30 in the morning. I headed off for Maryville College early in the afternoon. 

This is a small, old campus, perfectly maintained, and manicured grounds, very impressive indeed.  There wasn’t much student traffic, they must all be in class, so I parked near the student center which included a café and coffee shop.  I noticed some activity in a nearby building and thought I should check it out.  Turns out it was the campus chapel and there was a wedding about to happen.  A very official looking woman talked to me about the Project, she thought it sounded great, and I left her some stickers for her to pass out at the student center. All in all, I had conversations with ten or so kids. I thought it was time to head for the road and aim for my next stop, Athens, Tennessee. I drove to gas up the bus at a local station and a very nice local woman insisted on paying for the gas. She says she and her family love to help people and worthy causes, any time they can. I know just by talking to her that this sort of thing is a common occurrence for her.

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