Davidson College

December 2nd, 2009

1202091407A wall of water moved north from the Gulf of Mexico, raining down on the Eastern third of the United States, southern North Carolina was no exception. Over two inches of rain fell during the day in Davidson, North Carolina, making my outdoor conversations with students nearly impossible. One student named Lauren, from Orange County, braved the weather while taking time to talk to me, and said she liked the mission so much that she would make sure everyone in her dorm would hear the message of kindness. In a couple of hours, I had only twenty or so conversations. I decided to pay a visit to the student union to see if there was more action inside. The place was packed, but I wasn’t about to leave Bogart outside with the way the squirrels were taunting him on the walk to the student union. Bogart and I went in the door and he was an instant hit, until that is, we got a look of, please remove your dog from this building kind of look. We exited stage left and beat feet for the bus in the heaviest rain of the day. Bad weather usually doesn’t stand in the way of us making connections with students, however today the rain won. Bogart, at times seems to give me looks too. The look today was, let’s pack it up for the day Bob. Therefore, we did.

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