The Great People I meet

March 21st, 2010

Indian writing 3-21-10One of the perks of traveling the country, are the truly genuine people I have the pleasure of meeting along my path. All have inspiring stories to tell, all add to the diversity that exists in this country.  Ramniklal and Rasila emigrated from Gujarat, India to the US twelve years ago. They are in the laundry business. As parents, they worked fourteen hours a day, six days a week to put their sons through medical school. Both sons practice Internal Medicine at Chands Medical Center in Florida. On my first visit to their business, both Ramniklal and Rasila wanted to know the details of my journey. They wanted to support my efforts in their prayers. I was honored to have Ramniklal express his feelings of peace and comfort for others, on the bus. The love they have in their hearts is expressed in the peacefully simple way in which they live their lives. The second time I visited their business, you would have thought I was part of the family. Thank you Ramniklal and Rasila. The words of peace which were written basically say; If you live your life with love, God will love you.

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