Cape May Marianists

June 16th, 2010

6-16 Kindness picMy cousin Al is a Brother, a Marianist Brother. I think he is well beyond one million acts of kindness in his life. He just celebrated his sixtieth anniversary as a Brother and all he does all day is help and do for others. I went to Cape May to learn first-hand about what happens at this very special retreat house. Nothing but good happens. The Marianists work with the local community and people who come from across the United States to learn to be better citizens. They work hard at keeping the property maintained both inside and out. They work equally as hard to help people to maintain the good inside themselves.
Brother Al, along with Brother Ed and Brother Tom, made me feel welcome in their home. They were  interested in the mission of One Million Acts Of Kindness and our successes along the way. They are helping to support our cause. Our travels now take us on a return trip to New York City for the next two weeks to visit first responders from 9/11.

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