Two of Ray Kroc’s Finest

November 9th, 2010

11-9-10Huge successes today for The Kindness Bus Tour, fueled by an article in The Jacksonville Daily News written by Jannette Pippin. Thanks also to John Althouse for the great picture he took of The Kindness Bus in the parade.

At least one person, usually many, at each school mentioned the article in today’s paper about One Million Acts Of Kindness. Of the 10 schools I visited today, from the sounds of it, all of them are going to get involved with One Million Acts Of Kindness Week, and three have booked me for a visit to talk to their students in the spring.

Counselors Carol and Jennifer and social worker Rhonda from different schools were very excited to learn of the great teaching tool that The Kindness Certificate can become in a child’s life…and an adult’s life. I received an email from Judy who lives near Detroit, she took The Kindness Challenge last year and now people tell her that she is the kindest person they know. Judy passes out the Kindness Certificate to people in her life and is making a change in her area. She is the new Director of Summer Camp and is ready to spread kindness to the children. Judy, you are one of my heroes, thank you.

The two proud, young individuals in the photo, work for a worldwide restaurant chain and asked if they could have a couple stickers to wear on their uniforms. It was a great experiment as I sat in sight of all the visiting patrons and watched for an hour as many enjoyed the new look of their uniforms.  Is that the phone from Oak Brook, Illinois ringing?

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