Indiana Wesleyan University

November 11th, 2009

1112090811We arrived at this campus early today and immediately noticed that the bus became a squirrel magnet.  I think the squirrel commander saw us coming and gathered all his troops for an assault on Bogart.  We got through it ok, though.

This is a small campus, and I didn’t see many students walking around, maybe they were all in class.  I found the student center and decided to go in with some stickers and see what I could find.  As I was walking toward the building, two young ladies, Kaitlynne and Ashley, were walking ahead of me.  As we approached the double door entrance, each one opened a door to let me pass through.  Then they ran ahead and opened the second set of doors the same way.  I was so impressed, my thanks to both of them.  We chatted for a while, I gave them some stickers, and off they went.  Those two were so polite, but then I got to wondering if I just look too old to open the doors by myself.  There’s an interesting switch.

I found a busy intersection and talked to a few more students, two in particular, were so interested in the Kindness project, that they took some stickers to pass out on their own.  I was probably there for about 1 ½ hours, drove the bus around for some visibility, then set off for Ft. Wayne.

I arrived in Ft. Wayne and called Mimi Burns.  Mimi has her own ten piece Celtic Band  Mimi is such a shining star. Her interest in One Million Acts Of Kindness is at fever pitch. Upon arrival at Mimis’ she had a home cooked meal that her mother so kindly made. Having a real home cooked meal was like….paradise.. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. What a wonderful family Mimi has. We went for a great walk at a local park while Bogart and their dog Noah ran the whole time. They took me in and made me feel like it was home away from home. Mimi was very much like a press secretary, setting up a radio interview in Ft. Wayne, throwing a get together at a local co-op for the benefit of One Million Acts Of Kindness and a future presentation at a local school. I enjoyed sharing great stories with Mimi’s friends at the co-op, what a great group. Thank you to all and for all your help in this endeavor. Mimi, her husband Stephen, and I spent the late evening listening to some of their great music and telling fun stories.

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