Clemson University, Day 2

December 10th, 2009


Finding an email like Kate’s at telling of her interest in our movement and that she dedicated a day on her blog to One Million Acts Of Kindness started my day in a positive way, so I hit the ground running. It was one of those days where you have three days worth of work to do in a few hours. I did as much as I could, and headed for the campus. While on the way, a sheriff from Pickens County flagged me down just to give me a thumbs-up. On this second last day of finals, Clemson seemed half as crowded as yesterday, I was going to make the best of it no matter the amount of students left on campus. I interacted with so many bright, caring kids from all over the United States today, five hundred or so. Erika from Virginia, Kali from Ohio and Nathan from Clemson all were big supporters the moment they saw the bus. They said they were going to help spread the message to friends. These three freshmen impressed me with their big hearts. Warren and Jimbo stopped by the bus to tell of how pleased that someone was trying to do something for their generation.

Later in the day, Skeet, a parking control officer, stopped by The Kindness Bus while doing his job, told me he loved reading the messages. He even implied that there was no way he would ever ticket The Kindness Bus. Skeet told me of one of the greatest early Christmas presents he had ever received. His granddaughter Lauren had cancer and recently had an operation in which they were able to remove the entire tumor. He was teary eyed as he spoke of her and her courageous battle. What a brave girl and loving grandfather. He then told me how much she loves stickers…What‼…boy does she have stickers now. I love doing this.

I am personally declaring Clemson University the squirrel capital of the galaxy. Bogart will vouch for it.

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