Johnson C. Smith U. and Limestone College

December 3rd, 2009

1203091704Two colleges in two states in the same day is a new high-water mark for One Million Acts Of Kindness. Bogart and I have tracks to make over the next week and a half before we head back home for Christmas. We went for provisions early in the morning and came out of the store to see several people walking around the bus. One rarely gets a break when you drive the Kindness Bus. I talked to several people when I reached the bus, and others would come and then others. I didn’t leave for twenty minutes or so. People even asked if they could pose by the bus with you know who. He even seems to smile for the camera now.

We arrived at Johnson C. Smith University not knowing it was a gated, private university. The guard at the gate waved me through when I told him I was delivering a bus-load of kindness. Bogart and I headed for the Student Union, to see if it would be a popular spot for students before exam week. We guessed right. There were a number of students in the courtyard area of the Student Union. Before we could get to the Student Union, a very interested Charles Amerson, who is the student activities director, said he would do everything in his power to get stickers to the students. What a nice man to take time out of his busy day, to help spread this message to his students. We met many students during our half-mile walk to and from the bus. On the way out the front gate, I stopped to get the guard some stickers as well, but found a new guard, Angel Bennett, who couldn’t have been any more interested in The Kindness Bus Tour. She could cheer you up with just her smile.

It was late afternoon before we arrived in Gaffney, SC, at Limestone College. This is the time of year kids are pre-occupied with exams. Even though it was in the mid-sixties outside, students were inside doing their due diligence. This small campus had a few dozen students making their way from building to building. We talked to most of them. Britt from New York and Ali from Cape Cod, two lacrosse stars from Limestone, said they would love to be ambassadors on their campus, by talking to their fellow students about this great cause. What a friendly town Gaffney is. Many residents, more than usual waved as we passed by…but then I remember, Bogart is on my bed, staring out the window.

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  1. Karen says:

    Hey Bob,

    One of our children, Nicholas, was wanting to know where you were and if you were coming back. We just looked at your blog. Stay in touch.

  2. Bob Votruba says:

    Bogart and Bob are in South Carolina meeting all kinds of nice people. We enjoyed being at your campus. Bogart has been enjoying the nice weather for the past couple of days. Today he is wearing a sweater because it is a little chilly. He shivers even when it is warm outside. He can’t wait til we are in Florida. Be nice for your parents and teachers…Bogart and Bob

  3. Kimberly Hunter says:

    I stumbled across this article about you Bob and was excited to see someone else making a huge life’s goal change when most people are ready to settle down and retire from life. I am writing a book “Downsizing, The Art Of Living Big”, and want to include you in it somehow. I too left a standard life, a 6 figure job, a huge house and all it’s baggage behind and moved onto a small houseboat where I am writing about the more important stuff of life, and that’s not the things, it’s the people. I would like to know when you will be in California. I feel destined to meet you along your path of life and mine as well.

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