University of Tampa

March 17th, 2010

Bogart and 2 others 3-17-10A last minute change in plans was put into play two days ago. Contacted by Jose’ Rinco’n, a student at this college, proved to be one of the best things that has happened to The Kindness Bus Tour to date. Jose’ arranged for a nearly unattainable, dead center of the campus parking pass that even had the parking officers scratching their heads as to how this could happen. I was met by a rush of students who were beyond interested in this movement, many offered their time by expressing their desire to volunteer for One Million Acts Of Kindness. Here we go!! There were so many memorable students I had the pleasure of meeting today; Jennifer, Brittany and Sam stopped by and were in awe of the possibilities of The Kindness Bus Tour. Kristina was inspired to the level of signing on for volunteering for the local Tampa community. Tracy and Jessica from the Peace and Volunteer Center were all about what this group stands for and its acronym; People Exploring Active Community Experiences.  Rebecca, a freshman, volunteered on the spot to offer her time and passionate spirit to this movement.  Seeing students like the ones I was honored to meet today, makes me believe in one of the writings on my bus even more than I do already, it states, “Your generation will make this world a much better place”. It is already taking place on this campus.

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