Boynton Beach Community High School

April 8th, 2010

Group pic 4-9-10Geri Grocki is a gifted educator who is involved in teaching students about the importance of positively affecting others. She, with other faculty and students, have started a program at this high school called, Commit To Change. I had the opportunity to visit with the students today and talk to this very inspired group. We were able to spend time getting a close-up look at what sort of passion these students have. They were on board about working to improve the lives of others, thereby positively affecting the world they are about to inherit. All were excited to know that one person can be a powerful force in creating change, just by doing good for others. They realize that the way to improve their world locally and globally is for everyone to Commit To Change. I was ecstatic when nearly the entire room said they wanted to make One Million Acts Of Kindness a lifetime goal. Thank you to everyone involved in making my visit to The Boynton Beach Community High School, a memorable one.

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  1. Amber Romero says:

    hey!! it was great having you!! today i went to all my classes and made a speach to every one one you and bogart!! i inspired every one i knew! every one was excited to make a change! i will be makeing more speaches, and i will hope to change my school and community for the better!! it was great to meet and see you! and i still will be drawing that poster i promised to draw for you!! good luck on your jurney!

    amber and tj

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