The House that Kindness Built

April 7th, 2010

house that kindness builtThe puppet show has a name; The House That Kindness Built. A cast of five outgoing animals inhabit this home, with the hopes of entertaining children in schools and hospitals across our country. We are designing three shows which will teach children core values they will be able to learn in a humorous way. The first show will feature TC the cat, unable to get down from the tree he has climbed. One by one, all of the others offer their advice, until all end up accompanying TC in the tree as one family group. During the show, clouds in fun shapes will pass above the house. At shows end, the children are encouraged to pick one of the lollipop flowers from one of the window boxes.
I love The Kindness Bus Tour as it makes it possible for me to meet some of the most caring people this nation has.

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