The Willow School

April 16th, 2010

Willow school 4-16-10This was the sort of morning for which live, the reason why I love what I am doing. The Willow School is one of those very special learning environments. Founded by Shakti Sutriasa only six years ago, this very small K-8 school, has assembled a very dedicated, talented staff. It was an honor to be able to talk with the very interested students in Govinda Reinhalter’s class. Govinda also teaches yoga and martial arts to local children and adults. This school has a 15 to 1 teacher to student ratio, every voice gets heard. A school where students look forward to getting up in the morning to attend. The students loved the fact that I turned the tables and had the teachers answer the questions which I posed. The students then asked very specific questions of me. What a great visit. The school has agreed to create a phrase which will then be painted on one of the last two panels on the bus. Unprompted, every student  was very respectful and many students shook my hand and thanked me for visiting. Thank you Willow School.
On a more serious note, my thoughts and prayers to those affected and still affected, on this the third anniversary of the Virginia Tech tragedy…Hokies always prevail.

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  1. Willow Sanders says:

    WOW…My family and I were on our way to Cocoa Beach today and passed your amazing bus!! My youngest son immediately got online and Googled your website. Funny how I found your last post was from a school with my namesake! I’m sure your mission is creating millions of smiles along the highway and we are spreadin’ the word via Facebook!! God’s speed and many more safe travels!

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