Rescue Dog on Board

June 3rd, 2010

6-3-10Bogart gets attention everywhere we travel. Students on campus miss their dogs while away from home at school. He has become the surrogate dog to hundreds of kids who need a dog “fix”. This past weekend Bogart could have been the Blossom Parade Grand Marshal with as popular as he was the two days prior. He is one fine dog.
Bogart had three previous owners before he came into my life at the age of 1-1/2. The breed of a dog needs to be researched before moving forward to make a commitment of having one as a pet. All three previous owners didn’t do the due diligence. Lucky for him, they all found someone to pass him to when the novelty wore off.
In my travels over the past year, I have seen countless dogs who were alongside highways, many I’m sure were left behind by their owners, or more correct; “dumped” by their owners. Family pets should be found a home if one can no longer care for them. The unwanted litters of puppies or kittens can be avoided with a call to your local ASPCA. The ASPCA has a very extensive spay/neuter database, you can visit their website at for free and low cost spay/neuter locations.

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