Why I Do This?

June 9th, 2010

6-10-10When kindness and enthusiasm collide…look out world.
I have had the rare privilege of being part of the most special learning environment one could possibly imagine; North Side School. Kids focused on something which will give them the foundation for something very powerful, a kindness movement which they want to happen in their lives, their school, their country and most importantly, across the world in which they live.
Kindness is simple, kindness is a “natural”, especially at a very young age.
Why do I do this? One only need to look in the eyes of one of these children, when they look back at you with the hope of a future in which they know they can make a difference, if we only took the time to show them how.
To everyone at North Side School; Carry a message of kindness in your heart, to others, throughout your entire life…And don’t ever forget to…”Have a kind day”

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