National Family Month

July 16th, 2010

Lasting a little more than a month every year from Mother’s Day until Father’s Day, this celebration of the American family is a reminder of the importance of parenting. Children who have positive parental role models during their lives, have a much better chance of being kind, caring individuals throughout life.
Started by the group, National Family Month was passed as a resolution by Congress in October of 1998. Honor, value, support and love are some of the key core values which are practiced during the month, with the hope the practice is continued all year long.
There is very little more rewarding, as I travel the country, than to have a family express to me that they are going to make One Million Acts Of Kindness a lifetime family goal. Having parents interact with their children about the importance of being kind and showing by example, is how all of us learn from one another. Parents loving their children and children loving their parents. Celebrate National Family Month, all year long.

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