The Big Picture

July 18th, 2010

It is so easy to get mired down in the little stuff. Living day to day, life becomes a routine of the usual stuff.  Daily, weekly and monthly routines which make up our lives, become our lives. Months, even years can slip by leaving one to wonder, where did all the time go? What did I really do with my life? That is your inner voice challenging you to do something about it. Listen to it, it is what will define you if you choose to follow it. I call it The Big Picture voice. It is an awakening, a realization that you are meant for something bigger.
It is easy to prefer to stay in one’s comfort zone, it is the routine you are accustomed to. You like it there, it is safe. It takes a lot to inspire most of us to dedicate the remainder of our lives to a “cause.”  It takes a “Tipping Point;” some occurrence which shakes us to our very core. It is then you hear the Big Picture voice, reminding you once again, to do good for others, for the sake of your “cause.” Listen to the good inside you, it is telling you that you are meant for something bigger. You are.

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