Michigan State, East Lansing/Lansing, State Capital

August 5th, 2010

8-5-10We made the mid-morning drive from Ann Arbor to East Lansing, home of the Spartans of Michigan State. Chris, a finance major from Chicago was very helpful and also recommended the subject for today’s photograph. Meagan, a parking services employee said “I don’t know where everyone is today,”  but pointed me in a couple of promising directions. We scoured the campus grounds to look for activities. We discovered a cheerleading competition of over 250 high school girls competing on the Michigan State campus; the parents and kids loved Bogart, The Kindness Bus and my message. We drove into Lansing and before my feet hit the ground I was told the first thing I needed to do, by Julie, a state employee, was to visit Virg Bernero, Mayor of Lansing, and then visit her husband Brendan from the Convention and Visitors Bureau. Earlier this week, Virg won a state primary election and will be in a good position to promote One Million Acts Of Kindness in government. Brendan told me that he was going to write in the Bureau’s blog about my mission. A local resident, Mark and I had lunch to learn about how I was able to make the transformation from my life in Cleveland to a life of living in The Kindness Bus. He is on the path to doing some great work for others in this world. His website, imagenate.org, has some wonderfully thought provoking ideas.
I spent the remainder of the afternoon on the Michigan State campus talking to whomever would listen. The Red Cross blood mobile was on campus today so I let them dispense with a pint of my AB- high test.
The evening hours were spent back in Lansing at a street music festival which gave The Kindness Bus Tour a great bit of exposure to this captive audience.
Earlier in the day a very caring Ali, from a local coffee shop expressed how awesome and necessary this kindness movement is for everyone. Big compliment! Thank you.

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