Ashland Thanks/Cleveland Kindness

September 3rd, 2010

9-3-10After a late night arrival in Northeast Ohio last night, this morning I took the time to reflect on all of the wonderful events we fit into 2 days time, all 7 of them. Wonderful events and wonderful people; Dr. John Stratton, Sara Garska, Sue Guiher-Huff, Brian Wells and Nate Bebout, are but a few.
Heading to downtown Cleveland, I “lucked” into the #1 parking spot between the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and The Cleveland Air Show. The Kindness Bus and “Cleveland, The City of Kindness” was very well received. People from Cleveland and others visiting Cleveland, were quick to lend their support. Peter and Marianna, doctors from Boston were very interested, they even remembered seeing the bus in New York City earlier this summer. Two young men from Sweden, traveling across the US, thought the proposed motto fit Cleveland to a tee. A couple from Hungary, with two children, “love the friendly people here”.
The Air Show and the Rock Hall’s 15th birthday brought many people to Cleveland; some of the local “Rockers” gave a thumbs-up of approval of ┬áthe proposed motto; “Cleveland, The City of Kindness”. The current survey stands at 2,341 for ; 24 against.

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