Millridge Elementary, Mayfield, Ohio

September 15th, 2010

9-15-10The belief in a great future, lies in the eyes these very young students. Pre-K through 4th grade levels of children sit, watch and listen to my program on kindness, even with Bogart in my lap, the interest level remains, as I talk of role models and heroes. Each of the five programs today, culminated in a puppet show and a visit outdoors to view the bus.
At year’s start Anita Davidson, the school’s Guidance Counselor, had the students involved in a campus-wide kindness campaign. The Kindness Bus Tour’s visit was a nice way to dovetail our work with their program. The staff of dedicated teachers were integrated into today’s program by asking them about the meaning of some of the quotations written on the bus; the kids seemed to like the teachers having to answer questions.
This evening, I was invited to the dedication of the new playground on this campus which was built of donated labor and funds. No better way to teach children about volunteering to accomplish something good; the best kind of role model for children.

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