Facebook Fans Reach 4,000!

October 5th, 2010

Whoa! Bogart they like you.
Sometime last week the 4,000th fan joined our Facebook group. In a little over 11months, the interest in One Million Acts Of Kindness has grown a very large, loyal following. The faces of all of these people are a beautiful array of nearly every nationality in the world. A microcosm of humanity.
Today we spent most of our day searching for high visibility on the Upper West Side of the city. Searching is probably the wrong word, as tens of thousands strode past the locations we parked The Kindness Bus. From the high 80s to the low 60s and Central Park West to Broadway. Every corner and street in this quadrant is full of foot and street traffic. We put a full day on the Upper West Side and then ended the day by working the Upper East Side. Bogart’s fans are everywhere. We talked to many new ones today.

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