Happiness in Harlem

October 16th, 2010

10-16-10The Kindness Bus Tour started the day with a quick stop to thank the team at Alice Hair before heading out to pick up two wonderful woman who are volunteering for One Million Acts Of Kindness for the rest of their lives. Xian and Roxanne were a huge help as the Kindness Bus made the rounds in Harlem. Abyssinian Baptist Church was our first stop. We talked with the Deacon and once we told him about The Kindness Bus, he rushed out to see as he said “the traveling scripture bus.” Xian’s intuition kicked in and found us a prime, almost legal parking space.

Once we got off The Kindness Bus, our pockets filled with kindness stickers, we set up on the sidewalk and interacted with hundreds of people passing by our corner. Even in the flurry of subway-bound strangers we found many whose hearts were open and willing to be kind. To see childrens’ faces light up when they realized they could be a catalyst of kindness piqued the interest of Jamar, Shaniya and Phoenix, as they loved that thought. Anita, a woman who was so excited to learn about the mission of The Kindness Bus Tour said that there needs to be a bus in every state. Jason, who was given two stickers, gave one back to Xian, wishing her kindness. What a beautiful afternoon in Harlem.

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