Kindness to a New Level

October 13th, 2010

10-13-10So many people have opened their hearts and doors to The Kindness Bus Tour and its two intrepid travelers during it’s journey, none more than Dr. Donna Rohlf of New York City.
Donna has rolled out the Red Carpet for us on all of our visits to New York , lending her full resources to us and has made visiting this great city a pleasure and a comfort. “We are like brother and sister,” she says.
Donna is a blessed being, devoting all of her energies to caring about everyone. She clearly makes the world a better place. Donna started an organization called SashiFlag,  it is a peace movement she is going to spread to all nations of the world, one person at a time. Please take the time to visit her website,  Thank you Donna, for being an angel along our path.

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