Super Size Day

October 8th, 2010

10-8-10This just keeps getting better! The opportunity to get a hug from a Parking Officer, doesn’t happen too often. Carpe diem when it does. Vanessa, from the NYPD, who was walking her appointed rounds, stopped in her tracks upon seeing The Kindness Bus. “This is something, that something good is coming from”.    Let me tell you, I could have parked my bus in the middle of The George Washington Bridge and gotten away with it today.
Paul, who worked in the Department of Education during the Clinton Administration, happened upon our bus. He also worked as a Principal in the Bronx. He said that this is what kids want when asked. They just want people to know who they are and to be cared about, in a civil way. Paul took several stickers to spread the word of our mission to friends.
The Kindness Bus worked both sides of town today, but primarily on the Upper West Side. We had a great location on Broadway and 88th, another neighborhood filled with families walking the streets. Martin, a young man who left a big care package for Bogart a week back, met with me to discuss strategy about lending support to The Kindness Bus Tour. With all of this added to the hundreds of people we talked with, it truly was, a Super Size Day.

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