Semper Fidelis and Kindness Prevail

November 5th, 2010

11-5-10What would all of our lives be like if all of our freedoms were taken away tomorrow. Your freedom to say what you want to say, your freedom to worship how you wish, your freedom to come and go as you please, your freedom to do nearly everything you want; gone tomorrow. The freedoms we have are taken for granted by all of us because life runs so smoothly.
Jacksonville, North Carolina is home to Camp Lejeune, home to tens of thousands of Marines who protect our freedoms from being taken from us. It is an unfortunate reality of life that there are people who would like to see us lose a great deal more than just our freedoms.
I’ve been in Jacksonville for two days of a ten day stay. I’ve never heard more horns blown for The Kindness Bus in all my sixteen months of travel. The horns are being blown by Marines driving their cars and trucks. The horns are being blown by families of Marines. The realization of seeing a bus like The Kindness Bus driving the streets of their home brings the knowledge that my freedom has been protected by them, to do what I do.
This photo is of me from October 2005 when the 3rd Battallion 25th Marines returned to Brookpark, Ohio after losing 48 of their own in Iraq. Sorry to have mistakenly call you soldiers. I knew none of you but felt I knew all of you. You deserve all the respect you earn. Semper Fi

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