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December 11th, 2010

12-10-10Four nights in a row where the overnight temperature dropped into the 20s has come to an end in Savannah. Opening the door to the bus to start the day, I was greeted by a welcome surprise, it was warm outside. Being warm to me means one thing, foot traffic. It was going to be a busy day.
I started by taking Bogart to the dog park for some exercise and fresh air. I had two destinations I wanted to visit before leaving this town next week. I headed to the Board of Education building and the Mayor’s office. The good that people can do in a position of power could help to catapult this mission to every student in this city. Now that One Million Acts Of Kindness has some history. We are going to start approaching people in power more often than ever. We soon will become a .org and a 501c3 to give us non-profit status. Big steps in the direction of growing this movement into something very special for children.
We are getting some very favorable press since arriving in Savannah; South magazine, WSAV TV were so nice to stop out to talk. The word is starting to spread in Savannah from person to person and over the air waves.

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  1. Mary Jane Miller says:

    Sounds very exciting, everyone can pledge to do one million acts of kindness and follow through with this. There are so many people doing wonderful things, I have been seeing this on TV and reading this in the newspapers. It is very catchy!! Keep up the good work, Bob.

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