Savannah, Georgia

December 6th, 2010

12-6-10The connection individuals have with The Kindness Bus is pretty much a constant from town to town. I can be away from it, talking with people in a different area of a campus or city and I will usually hear from someone who has been impacted by seeing it, often times, several people. Today I was contacted by three people. A woman, nearly a year ago, saw an article about The Kindness Bus Tour and after all this time, decided to write to tell me that it has changed her life in a powerful way. Another woman saw the bus a couple of weeks ago and she shared her interest with me as well as her son’s. In fact, her son has decided to adopt a family for the Christmas holiday. A family who will be able to celebrate Christmas in a more meaningful way because of people who saw the need to share kindness with others. The third person saw The Kindness Bus in Savannah today. It is the reason I will remain here in Savannah, for another week, instead of the warmer environs of South Florida. There is a benefit for a six year old boy with brain cancer where The Kindness Bus has been requested to make an appearance. There will be many acts of kindness taking place that day; The Kindness Bus Tour will be doing one of them.

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