The Kind Students at Millridge School

January 5th, 2011

Front CoverI love this school. The students at this Mayfield Heights, Ohio elementary school are learning lessons of kindness each and every day, and it shows. It is in keeping with what the children are learning from their parents. Every teacher and administrator at this school is involved in seeing that kindness is one of the goals the children are involved in remembering. One of this school’s kindness projects is raising money to feed the hungry. In each of the last 3 years the total nears closer to the two thousand dollar total.
Today, Dr. Spencer Wiersman, Principal of Millridge, sat in on one of the 7 presentations and read the first Bogart Book to 2 of the fourteen classes. This sort of activity is commonplace with everyone at Millridge and it fits the school’s motto: “Every Child, Every Day,” to a tee.

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