Vero Beach Art Show

March 14th, 2011

3-14-11Eighty thousand art lovers attended the “Under the Oaks” art show in Vero Beach this past weekend. I could not pass up the opportunity to have all of these art patrons miss out on seeing the show’s Pièce de résistance, albeit in the parking lot. The Kindness Bus once again lucked its way into the #1 parking spot across from the main entrance, visible by every art patron in attendance. Letting The Kindness Bus work its own magic was a wise choice as there wasn’t a moment someone wasn’t photographing or admiring its beauty. I watched at times from a distance as parents walked with their children and pointed out some important lesson written on its body. To me, the look of amazement on a child’s face is very telling, one can almost see the lesson imparted making sense as it is being read.
Planning for The Kindness Bicycle / Kindness Bus Tour is now in effect as the itinerary is now complete. The itinerary should be on the website very soon.

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