“Be Your Own Shaman”

April 8th, 2011

I am not one to promote many commercial undertakings on my blog but every now and then I am asked to do so. In 4 days, Deborah King’s book “Be Your Own Shaman” is being launched. This self-help book is a must read. Being kind to one’s self is needed to be able to truly be kind to others. Taking time to discover the power you have to help yourself and others, through the passion you have for what you believe in, is some of the best medicine all of us can have in our lives. I believe it is the first step in being kind to yourself.
Friend and New York Times best selling author Marci Shimoff who featured One Million Acts Of Kindness in her best selling book “Love For No Reason,” sings the praise she has for Deborah King’s work. “Deborah King is an amazing teacher with a powerful message of living in the moment. Spend a few minutes with her and get ready for a paradigm shift!” You can’t get a better testimony than that!
Great success with your new book Deborah, here’s to hoping you sell millions of copies.

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