Came for a Coffee……..

May 4th, 2011

5-4-11Driving from Padanaram, Massachusetts to New York City via Newport, Rhode Island doesn’t make much sense unless you are going for some very good coffee or you believe in magic; both of these happened to me this morning.
I can’t possibly pass by Newport when it is only twenty miles out of my way and when a good friend, Alyssa lives there and she owns The Coffee Grinder, the best coffee shop on the planet. The coffee was better than I remember and the magic was about to happen.
In 2 hours, 3 teachers and 2 parents from 4 different schools in the area are going to have me come to their respective schools next year. While taking the photo for today’s blog, Superintendent of the Seamen’s Church Institute in Newport, John P. Feld, was so impressed with the messages on the bus, that he said there is always a room to stay in, anytime The Kindness Bus comes to Newport. I came to Newport for a coffee and got a cupful of magic.
Today marks the beginning of the 10 day countdown until The Kindness Bicycle tour leaves New York City on a 6 month, 7,400 mile mission. We will be in New York these final 10 days to finalize all aspects of the trip.

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