Happy Mother’s Day

May 8th, 2011

5-8-11Having 8 sisters, I am cognizant of the well known adage, Kindness and Moms go hand in hand. This is something I witness as I travel the country seeing lessons being handed down from mother to child, one generation to the next. The best way to learn lessons as a child, is for a parent being a role model to the child. My favorite demographic is young child / parent, and the conversation which turns to a lesson as child or parent discusses a meaningful, timely phrase written on The Kindness Bus. There is quite possibly a lesson for nearly every teaching moment. The DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn is filled with families. I love to anonymously stand nearby The Kindness Bus and listen to parents ask their children what a particular message might mean to them. One such lesson was in response to a mother asking her teen age daughter about the message, “Don’t use words that hurt.” The daughter replied, “That would put an end to all cyber-bullying.” The daughter had given her mom the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

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