Kick Off Party

May 13th, 2011

Let’s have a party! What better way to start a 7,400 mile, 6 month bicycle ride than to have a party. Co-host, Lori Sutherland and John Goldfein opened their home, along with co-host, Tara Dixon, to have this beautiful party celebrating the beginning of The Kindness Bicycle Tour. Friends and relations stopped by throughout the evening to this open house. Children of some of the adults came as well, adding to the magical feeling of this very special evening. I was able to give a small talk of past experiences along The Kindness Bus Tour and to let this very interested group know about my upcoming Kindness Bicycle Tour, to raise awareness for Childhood Sexual abuse and Domestic Violence. So many caring individuals are helping with my travels along the way and tonight’s gala was a testament to that statement. One Million Thank Yous to all!!!

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