Hope Inc., Domestic Violence Center

June 22nd, 2011

6-22-11Directed by Sue Julian of the West Virginia Coalition Against Domestic Violence as to who I should visit in the Clarksburg area, I spoke with Tina Fowler today, Director of the Outreach Program of Hope Inc. Our meeting was about the good they are doing for the community and the help they are getting back from some sectors of the community, helping with office space, donations of toys and books and help from individuals.
We also talked about the effect that drugs are having on the community and how they are affecting families when used by one, and sometimes two parents. There is a manufactured drug that was legal to sell until two months ago. It was adding to the domestic violence and tearing families apart.
Today I opted for forty-five miles of muddy trails rather than ride on the narrow, hilly streets of Clarksburg. It was a fun choice.

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