Whitney Point Preschool

June 4th, 2011

6-4-11I received this letter recently and, as a result,  I realize this is the reason I’m here and the word is catching on.
Hi Bob!

Very few days pass without someone in Whitney Point asking me how the ” nice fellow with the dog on the bus” is doing.  The children at our center are all keeping track of your bicycle tour.  We have installed a big map of the US on our wall and each day it is someone’s job to check in and see where you are and how you are doing. WE were all very impressed that you were in Washington when it was Memorial Day and also 98 deg.! You will be part of our Geography unit in our summer program.

The kids are also choosing “Kindness Clubs” for membership during the summer.  Each club’s mission will be to perform acts of kindness for the community, animals, this center or for siblings.  The clubs will be directed by the kids and they are very committed to seeing how many acts of kindness each child – and the clubs can perform this summer.

You left your mark on our hearts here in Whitney Point Bob.  Shortly after you left our center celebrated the 1st Annual “Get to the Point” Spring Festival. Aside from having a great band, food and family games – each year at this celebration we are going to honor people in the community who have committed themselves to doing random acts of kindness.  We have printed off some of the certificates you had on your website and presented them to this year’s recipients.  What’s the Point? Besides Whitney Point, it’s being kind, of course!

Dave and I remember your visit often and we are so glad to have met you and been able to have you, Bogart and the bus here in Whitney Point.  Keep up the good work!

Kim Downs

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