World Youth Day

June 12th, 2011

6-12-11Riding more miles and spending more time in Virginia than originally planned is a great bonus. The countryside is beautiful and the people we are meeting is incredible. On today’s route we passed Saint Paul Chung Church which had a very crowded parking lot. Not wanting to miss an opportunity to be viewed by hundreds of people, I rode near their entrance. Going inside, I saw dozens of teenagers helping with various activities to help raise money for those in need around the world. Two of the teenagers, Christopher and Kyle were working inside and followed me out to learn about The Kindness Bicycle Tour. It’s great to know young adults like them, are so interested in helping others.
Arriving back at The Kindness Bus, Paula, an Oakton High School teacher was busy calling many of her friends to tell them of her find. In our lengthy conversation, one could tell of her passion for teaching and the genuine interest she has in making sure her students are well prepared for moving on to college life.
Today’s short ride of forty-five miles seemed to be a breeze. I guess one can’t help but become fit when you are riding every day.

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