Full Head of Steam

July 16th, 2011

7-16-11Perfect conditions for riding, perfect conditions for meeting most of Evansville, it was all of that this morning in this very friendly city. Samm Quinn’s article in the Courier & Press about The Kindness Bicycle/Bus Tour must have been read by everyone in town, as the response by people in passing cars was nearly unanimous.
Sue, a local volunteer for many local causes of children in need was so much fun to talk with. She had seen the article and I had an hour of conversation with her. She does more in a week’s time than most people do in a year.
Derek, a news reporter from News 25 in Evansville came out to tape me for a telecast to air over the weekend.
With all of the connections I made today, I rode for nearly 10 hours with an average speed of about 5mph.
Matt and Meredith, organizers of a music benefit for Riley Children’s Hospital held at the Angel Mounds State Park spent countless hours finding bands who volunteered their time to entertain the crowds. They kindly invited me to bring The Kindness Bus to the benefit. I made the mistake of laying down in The Kindness Bus and because of being in the sun for 10 hours, I fell asleep before my head hit the pillow.
Thank you to the media in Evansville for helping to spread my message all across their town.

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