Say It Ain’t So

July 19th, 2011

7-19-11Today’s photo says it all. The photo of Bogart was taken moments after he was told that he has less than 2 months until he re-joins The Kindness Bicycle/Bus Tour in Colorado. “Bogart, it’s time to leave Spa Barkley,” when told this, he immediately put his paws over his face.
Today was the 5th straight day where the heat index was over 100, with at least another week of the same to come. There have now been more than a dozen days over the 100 degree heat index since The Kindness Bicycle Tour began its journey. I hope this isn’t a long term cycle. The sun is actually the hardest battle. There is no getting out of it at times. I’m going to need an SPF100, if there is such a thing.
I headed north to Vincennes this morning and finished my short 30 mile ride early. All of my rides are on the short side for the upcoming week. Hopefully I can be done with all of them by mid-morning.

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