Kindness, Not Violence, for Kids

August 8th, 2011

8-8-11It didn’t take too long for the conversations to start today. “Outstanding, outstanding, outstanding!” were the words that caught my interest as I rode The Kindness Bicycle past a small group of women out for a morning walk. Seeing the sign which reads, “Boys should never hit girls” was all it took. “If you teach kids not to hit when they are young, they stand a better chance not to hit when they are adults,” Cathy, one of the women said. Dee and Bailey, a mom and daughter were busy taking pictures of The Kindness Bus when I rode up on The Kindness Bicycle, it didn’t take long before they showed great interest in The Kindness Bicycle Tour as well, for reasons all too common.
The Park Hill School District offices were on my route. With school about to start a new year I dropped off a Kindness Certificate to Carmen Scott, a very interested receptionist, who said she would present it to Superintendent, Dr. Dennis Fisher for the possible use as a teaching tool throughout the District.

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