Three Generations of Controlling Their Women

August 10th, 2011

Excuse the title of this blog and the possessive pronoun used to describe women like they are some sort of possession, but that is exactly what I witnessed from a grandfather and a father interacting with the teenage boy with them. Riding the Kindness Bicycle past 3 generations of men, I could tell at a distance that the father wanted no part of my signage. Circling back around and acting like I hadn’t seen the scowl on his face I got close enough so all 3 could see the signs close up, I also rang my bell to get their full attention. This time the father and grandfather both gave me a look of disapproval, the boy however, gave me a thumbs up. Upon seeing his son’s reaction, the father yanked his son’s arm down. I surmise that this has been the attitude for much longer than 3 generations in this family. I hope the son, by seeing the sign and by hearing me say that 4 women a day die in the United States because of Domestic Violence, breaks the mentality that persists in his family.
Today’s ride of forty miles was a breeze because of perfect conditions and very flat terrain. I love Kansas!!

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