Attention Homes

October 6th, 2011


Since I arrived in Boulder, Colorado I have been told by several individuals that I must visit Attention Homes, a residential treatment, counseling and safe shelter for at-risk youth. I stopped in to schedule a meeting with one of the counselors and was fortunate to have a conversation with Executive Director, Jim Rianoshek. This center provides for the needs of abused, neglected, troubled, delinquent and recovering youth through positive adult role models, lessons in life skills and a team of experienced and caring counselors. They are a safety net when there is nowhere else to turn.
Today’s ride was shortened by a wind storm that seemed to come out of nowhere. The signs on The Kindness Bicycle act like sails, creating the feeling as if I am wind surfing.
During my ride I met Sue and David who are Boulder residents. Their level of interest in what I am doing is 2nd to none. Andrew, another Boulder resident, who has had one of my stickers on his computer for the last few years said, “It is good to finally put a face to the mission.”

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