Century Ride

October 13th, 2011

10-13-11Needing to average one Century Ride per week for the remaining nine weeks of The Kindness Bicycle Tour, I am going to try to ride nearly every nice weather day as they occur, in case the weather gets inclement in the months of November and December.
“Don’t let anyone else get hurt” are the words spoken by a 12 year old I met last month which still stick in my mind; It is for her that I rode these 100 miles today. Raising awareness by having a custom sign on The Kindness Bicycle had a huge impact on all who viewed it as I rode past. I received more positive well wishes than any other previous time. I hope the signs are a deterrent to anyone who would ever consider sexually abusing a child.
Jeff Hartmann a professional cyclist called out my name as I rode back towards The Kindness Bus to refuel my body. I met Jeff at the Attention Homes benefit this past weekend he was interested in my mission and a wealth of information on keeping hydrated and nourished on these longer rides. A musician and songwriter, Jeff works with students at Boulder High School inspiring them to find their passion for the good they can do for others. He is changing the future of many kids for the better.
Holly and Kara from Atlanta stopped by The Kindness Bus on one of my short breaks and inspired me with their kind words.

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