365 ThankYous

November 7th, 2011

11-7-11One of the easiest reads and most memorable books I have read in recent time is “365 Thank Yous.” The book tells the true life autobiographical story of John Kralik and how he discovered that the simple act of a handwritten thank you can have a powerfully positive effect on one’s well being. The book is convincing and leaves the reader with one solution, thank those who have helped you, by writing them a thank you.
I have been convinced by this book and have seen and felt a positive change in my life. The other upside is that people love hand written letters. They are becoming somewhat of a rarity. I recently heard a report that, on average, just 10 years ago, each person received a handwritten letter every two weeks. Today the average is one every seven weeks.
Do someone and yourself a favor, write a thank you today.
Today’s ride through Sunnyvale, California was along the busiest roads in this city, creating an intense interest everywhere I rode.

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