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November 15th, 2011

11-15-11Why is this man celebrating?
I had just received news from my son, Alex, that YouTube was featuring a short film clip of One Million Acts Of Kindness at the beginning of The Kindness Bicycle / Kindness Bus Tour in New York City this past May. The film clip ran on Youtube on Sunday of this past weekend.
Debbie Egan-Chin reporter for The New York Daily News put together this video and news story which ran in her paper in late May. In the one day time period that this piece was featured on YouTube, this past weekend, over 400,000 viewers chose to watch the video.
It is amazing to me that I had just written a blog called, “Viral Impact,” a little over a week ago about the possibility of One Million Acts Of Kindness “going viral,” if YouTube or another form of social media decided to promote what I do.
Thank you to the “powers that be” at Youtube, for helping to spread the word about all of us having a goal of kindness in our lives…a goal of One Million Acts Of Kindness. My sincerest gratitude, Bob Votruba and Bogart too!!


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