San Jose, California

November 9th, 2011

11-9-11Making my way into San Jose for the day on The Kindness Bicycle, you would have thought the Thanksgiving Day Parade had come to town early. I don’t think I have ever received more cheers and car horn honks in any town previous. It was one after the other. I had to dust off my parade hand wave for all of the welcoming gestures.
The City of San Jose’s Domestic Violence Task Force at City Hall was my first stop. I stopped by to deliver information for a future visit and show support for the office of Eve Castellanos, Domestic Violence office coordinator. The funding for the program she runs has been cut because of a tight budget and it comes at a time when the city can afford, not to support it. The need for the Task Force is immeasurable; four lives thus far in 2011 have been lost in San Jose due to Domestic Violence. The Task Force works with every agency in the county to protect those in need.
Near day’s end, and after riding through many of the downtown streets, I stopped at San Jose State University and talked with students. One thing was clear from the conversations, The Kindness Bicycle is making a big difference.

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