November 4th, 2011

11-4-11By the way Rodney Clark, Executive Director of Safe Alternatives to Violent Environments of Fremont, California, and his very interested staff greeted me in their reception area of their offices, you would think that I am the only one in the world riding a bike with big signs espousing the importance of putting an end to Domestic Violence and Childhood Sexual Abuse; that actually, may very well be the case. After the very warm welcome and some sharing of stories, Rodney and I retired to his office. Rodney proudly talked about his organization providing Prevention, Intervention and Support Services to a very diverse clientele in the San Francisco Bay area. He then told me a story of hope. A single mom who came through SAVE’s programs decided to give back by speaking to various groups about Domestic Violence. It was during one of those passionate talks when she met someone in the audience who was so moved by her story that she arranged for a “full ride” scholarship to Brown University. Such perfect karma.
Today’s ride was in perfect conditions on the very many safe bicycling paths throughout much of Fremont.

Rodney then told me a story of hope. A single mom who received help from SAVE when she was in need decided she should give back, to help others. She became a speaker to tell of her story and of the Domestic Violence she survived. After one of her talks, she was offered a “full ride” scholarship to Brown University. Talk about perfect karma!
Today’s ride was in near perfect weather. Fremont has extensive bike lanes on most roadways throughout the city, making my ride very enjoyable.

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