Meeting One of My Heroes

December 9th, 2011

12-09-11John Kralik is one of my heroes. I wrote a blog about him a little more than a month ago. John has changed his life and the lives of others over the past few years. He started a note writing campaign he has come to call 365 Thank Yous. His book, of the same name, is what inspired me to write about him. I read his book twice since it was given to me as a gift. It is a One Million Acts Of Kindness recommended read.
The day I posted the 365 Thank Yous blog, I sent a link to John’s publicist and literary agent; I heard from him the very next day. John invited me to meet him in Los Angeles and visit his courtroom. It was an honor meeting such a humble man. His book has many lessons that can be used to inspire anyone. The highlight of my time with him was hearing him talk about his relationship with his teen age daughter and his grown sons. Being a role model as a parent never ends, this is the life John leads. Today I met one of my heroes, his name is John Kralik.

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