San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center

December 1st, 2011

12-1-11What a sensational visit to the SFCAPC. From my initial contact with
Camille, the Board and Executive Coordinator, about hoping to meet with Executive Director, Katie Albright, I could sense that these people are passionate about their jobs. The moment I pulled in front of their offices, there was an immediate buzz about The Kindness Bicycle from the office workers who were arriving for the day. Director of Child Abuse Council and Director of Education,
Kathy Baxter and Director of Development, Katie Skoog took the time to meet with me and discuss the successful school programs they are taking directly to the schools. Getting children to understand at an early age what is healthy behavior is imperative to their long term health and well-being. The programs utilized at this center help to enrich the lives of children and families. Their philosophy is that every child should be cherished and nurtured, allowing the child to thrive in a loving environment. Parents are taught skills to better understand the importance of interacting positively with their children. They have a strongly held belief that working to help the entire community will foster the hope of all of us changing the world for the better.
I wish I had had the time to meet with many more of the talented staff. Molly and Rebecca are two of the others who help to make this organization be the very best it can possibly be. The City of San Francisco is blessed to have such a facility, enriching the lives of everyone in the community. It was an honor to have been invited to visit the SFCAPC.

Please visit; to learn of the incredible work being done at this center.

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