The Lost Bus

December 5th, 2011

I saw the crew from The Lost Bus on a couple of occasions while traveling the neighborhoods of San Francisco. I wasn’t sure what their mission was all about until I had the pleasure of meeting Ben, Derek and Chad. I learned that LOST stands for Lending Our Services Traveling. All three young men are friends from Holland, Michigan. They decided that the opportunity for all of them to do something as a group, for the good of others, was presenting itself to them. They jumped at the opportunity. They outfitted an old school bus and set out on the road in search of doing great things for others.
It was when I saw them heading south towards LosAngeles a few days later, that I decided to write about their travels. These guys have done some amazing things to help those in need along their travels. They look for opportunities to help in any way they can in the cities they visit. This is the kind of altruistic kindness which everyone should embrace. Visit their website at;

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