A Steady Diet of Kindness

January 4th, 2012

1-4-12One Million Acts Of Kindness was featured 2 years ago, in the AARP newsletter which was sent out to its twenty million members. I received over  twelve hundred emails because of the article, most of them wishing me well, some of them wanting to know more about The Kindness Bus Tour and still others offering a place to stay if I was ever to make it to their town.
Heading west from Colorado on The Kindness Bicycle this past October, I received an email from Rob and Sharon from San Francisco offering a place to stay if Bogart and I ever made it to their town. Two years ago Rob and Sharon read the AARP article and decided to hang it on their refrigerator, it has remained there since, offering them a side dish of kindness, every time they reached for the refrigerator door.
After several emails back and forth, Bogart and I arrived in San Francisco to the delight of Rob and Sharon. They are huge dog lovers and are some of the kindest individuals on the face of the earth. Needless to say, The Kindness Bus Tour was a perfect fit. This past summer and for these 2 weeks, Bogart became the most loved dog on the face of the earth. He had a blast, being able to pretty much have the run of the house, this suited him well, as most everything on The Kindness Bus is off limits to Bogart for the sake of safety.
For these sixteen days and nights, Rob and Sharon opened their home to me, including the extended Thanksgiving weekend with their family and friends. At visit’s end, they had adopted me and Bogart into their family. We are truly honored. Thank you Rob and Sharon.

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